I wrote this December 2018 as a gift to my wonderful Grandmother who has always supported my writing and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Thank you Gramma!

The source of our greatness lay within our Grandparents. While they are far from me, they are never far from my heart.

Memories can be associated with smells, one in particular means more than anything to me. That sweet smell, vanilla tobacco, My Papa. It’s kind of funny when women smell like him, but it is always comforting.

It’s kind of funny the things that stay in your mind and heart as you grow up. The memories are farther and farther from the present but stronger and bolder with every remembrance. Every time I throw a burger patty on the skillet I think of my beautiful Grandma, always offering one to me.

Of course, she still makes the very best hamburger- incomparable.

It breaks my heart how far I am from them, and how long we have been this way. I want them to know how essential they are to who I am, and how I am. The persistence and elegance of my Grandma gave me the strength to start writing again. It is hard to write the things I need to, and it can be hard to reach the reality of some stories, but I have a talent and I must use it!

These two beautiful, courageous people came together and created a crazy family. Then one of those gorgeous ladies made me! And now I am out in the world spreading love and laughs, just the way my two amazing GRANDParents have all their life!

I am inspired by precious memories of the greatest couple to procreate. The unyielding love for family, and for fun! The holidays were never better than at Grandma’s and Papa’s- the lights were always brighter, the candy always sweeter, and the laughs always louder. Everyday I feel blessed to have these memories and hold them close to me.

I am who I am because of these amazing people; I am strong smart and funny all in thanks to

Sue & Ken

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