The Umbrella Academy

Binge Worthy

I had been skeptical of The Umbrella Academy ever since I heard, back in 2006, that Gerard Way, gorgeous front man for my favorite Emo Pop Punk band My Chemical Romance, was creating a comic book series. While I paid no attention to the series, I had never physically seen the first issue of The Umbrella Academy until recently, in a memorabilia shop. I picked it up out of curiosity with an idea to read it; but when I saw that red N and sticker on the front, “Now a Netflix Original Series” I had to think for a minute. Well, I do love to read but I thought, may as well watch a series instead of spending $18 may as well check out the show and buy an Audrey II Pop! Figure instead.

After touring Seattle my husband and I binged this show within two days, five hours when coming back to the hotel, and five hours in the evening after returning home to Portland. The end of the first episode I was enthralled with the characters, their attitudes, and the setting of it all.

If you liked House on Haunted Hill you will enjoy The Umbrella Academy and its diverse group of characters, strained relationships, beautiful scenery, and strange plot. The show isn’t a horror but a thriller mystery, with some gore in the right places. I love a show that leaves you guessing and makes you connect the dots, sometimes annoyingly leaving you waiting for a reveal.

The characters aren’t very complicated but are intriguing, and very emotional.

The last episodes don’t answer many questions but are oddly satisfying. The story isn’t happy, but it is hopeful and a (mostly) excellent journey.

Sometimes while watching the show we yelled at the screen and found ourselves frustrated as the “emo” conversations and reactions. Yet, this stuff really makes the show fun! The odd universe reminds me of the world created by Netflix in Series of Unfortunate Events with no cells phones, no computers, both based in current times.  

After reading about the differences between the comic and the live action show, I have to say I am much more interested in reading the Academy’s original story because Good News the stories and arches are Very different between the two! Thanks to an article on TV Guide written by Sadie Gennis I have learned that there are many crucial differences between the two!

Watch out for that link the video at the top of the page has spoilers!

I found it exciting to learn that there were different stories to be explored in the Umbrella universe and am excited for my copies of Apocalypse Suite and Dallas, the first two volumes, to arrive tomorrow!

If you’re thinking about watching this show, you should definitely watch it, if you are a fan of the comics and are looking for a direct adaptation maybe don’t. For the original comic series fans Gerard and Gabriel are releasing a third volume, Hotel Oblivion, August 20th, 2019. Keep an eye on The Umbrella Academy as they are already talking about season 2!

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