Ravenous (2017)

Les Affamés 

Worth the watch! And read if you don’t speak French. This Canadian film won multiple awards on the independent circuit, including Best Canadian Film. When I watched Ravenous for the first time I had no idea that it was made on a string budget, and I was still fairly impressed with their effects.

Good head explosions can do a lot for a zombie movie.

Ravenous was a thrill to watch and left me guessing constantly, out loud, and had me wondering what could happen next. The questions of “why” are unanswered; a fun curiosity adds a sense of thrill. I have seen a fair share of zombie movies from around the world and Ravenous is absolutely a new favorite!

The zombies are unique and believable as ravenous (and sick) members of this rural Quebec town. There isn’t a lot of gore but good head explosions can do a lot for a zombie movie! Especially when the film is so quiet, to see a zombie running and hear a loud BANG! The effects look completely practical and are shocking.

The characters trying the survive this attack are interesting and funny. Their reactions and conversations seem very natural as if everything is normal in their world when they are not scurrying past zombies or fighting off an attack.

Ravenous is currently available on Netflix

Netflix added Ravenous to their horror collection March 8th, 2017

I highly recommend not reading too much about the plot before watching Ravenous. The thrills of this movie include finding the characters. It is easy to tell these characters are near the end of their “Hero’s Journey” or character arch, some back stories are easier to decipher than others.

Ravenous left me wondering what kind of zombie those were and, what the heck is their deal?! I can only think of a few zombie movies that have made me wonder about origins and secrets that may have never even been written. It’s just a zombie movie Well it’s a creepy ass zombie movie with a lot of intrigue and humor!

Highly Recommended 

☑ Gore
☑ Mystery
☑ Humor

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