A Keto Experiment

Dammit Jim I’m a blogger not a doctor! This is post is based on my experiences with weight loss and personal research about “The Keto Diet”. PLEASE consult a doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. PLEASE do thorough research before changing your diet and changing your body! Thank you!

I am overweight. I feel comfortable now at 165 lbs, but before I changed my diet I was miserable. I weighed 189 lbs and felt bloated and unhappy. When I gave a look into what my BMI (Body Mass Index) was and what it meant about my health. I was, according to the numerous charts available for reference, obese. I quickly realized that even though I was young, if I did not change my diet and eating habits I would only continue into the red in all charts.

Chart from HMR a website and program geared towards weight loss

I was devastated. I had always been overweight, since elementary school weigh ins and embarrassing middle school physicals, but now I thought I had kept active enough to allot for my indulgence. I had finally given myself a reality check and realized I needed a change.

But where to begin? Especially being married and not wanting to affect your partner’s diet, but always resisting temptation. Thankfully I have a very supportive husband and he had been researching diets since I had begun complaining of my weight. A number of people he knew were on something called Keto, seemingly easy rules and great confirmed results!

Now time to plan the diet. 

I found a Keto Calculator to help define both of our MACROS numbers(Macronutirents) before we started the diet. It was daunting at first looking at 84g of Fat, 93g of Protein, and 21g of carbs.
What does that even mean? It meant doing more than just looking calories, but looking at where those calories come from.

Not that we had our numbers and goal of 20 pounds weight loss each in three to four months we needed to do some planning. We had to asses our kitchen and dispose of the carbs and starches in the house: bread, rice, crackers, poptarts, granola bars, oatmeal snacks, chips, potatoes, beans, corn, rolls, sugar, chocolates and every other sweet in the house. It was a lot that we had to eat before we started our new diet.

There was a lot of Googling for recipes before the big shopping day; since he was kind of enough to endure the change with me I wanted to find a delicious dinner to introduce us to Keto. I found a delicious sounding Pesto Chicken Bake recipe, but it did not have a break down of what the metrics were! The hardest part of our Keto diet was figuring out the gram amounts for each macro for each ingredient, then adding it all together and dividing the MACROS into each serving size.

The first month was tiring, we had never cooked so frequently! On long nights at work it was hard not to want to pick something up, but we resisted. We substituted out toast with bacon and hash browns with eggs. Burgers never came with a bun and sauces were only allowed if you had room in your carb metric.

By the middle of the second month we were 15 pounds lighter and understood out diet. You could say we stopped doing Keto because we stopped counting our metrics. We felt that if we stayed on with limited portions and the same outlines for food we we continue to lost weight! and we did!

Pork Rinds are keto, but don’t dip them in the syrup

What are the rules?

  1. Count your Carbs
  2. No Bread
  3. Only eat small amounts of Rice, Corn, or other starches
  4. Match protein to activity
  5. Fat is good

We followed these rules very closely until the holidays came around. We considered what we were eating always, but made choices that we knew were against the guidelines. After I lost 30 pounds I was tired of all the rules and decided to go rogue.

When I stopped strictly following my diet guidelines I gained 11 pounds back very quickly. This, of course, was a bit upsetting. I took a look at what I had eaten that past week, lots of bread, and realized I could not be so careless.

Now I am 165 lbs and consider my rules every day. I do regular aerobics at home to stay active and stretch my body with yoga. Before I tried Keto I thought there was no way I could manage weight loss with work and worries. But I did it! I am happy, even though I’m still overweight, I chose to eat a sandwich and have cream in my coffee instead of weight loss.

Anyone can do this! It may seem scary at first to change your diet but you got this! Once you find a diet that works implement that as a guide for choices! If you want any tips or have any questions please comment or contact me directly!

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