What We Do In The Shadows: Upcoming Telly

Premiers March 27th, 2019 10PM (EST) on FX

You can purchase episodes or the Full Season through Amazon Video!

What We Do In The Shadows(2014) the move, is currently available for rent or purchase through Amazon (and included with prime)and Youtube. It is a mockumentary film following the difficult lives of vampires (and werewolves!) in modern New Zealand. It is hard to not quote them in their amazing Transylvanian accents.

I have watched WWDITS as many times as I have seen it pop up on Amazon Prime! It is a hard watch to pass up; even after multiple watches I laugh out loud at the opening, the first roommate meeting, and many other scenes! It would be difficult for me to review the film as I currently can only think of quotes and jokes.

Horror Comedy TV Perfected (we hope)

The first trailer lets the audience know right away what the show is about- and is exciting for the long standing fans of the movie! Jermaine Clement(Flight of the Conchords, and Vladislav in the film) and Taika Waititi(director of Ragnarok, and Viago in WWDITS) are the original directors and producers and have returned to enlighten the world of the struggles of living with and being a vampire.

Jermaine(left) and Taika (right) now both executive producers of the upcoming TV Series

It seems to be shot and written in a very similar manner to the hilarious film. Matt Proksch as an energy vampire already had my bursting out laughing! I’m excited to see a female lead in the house, Natasia Demetriou, who wears the Gothic vampire look flawlessly. It must be difficult to play vampires living in the real world, but the cast seems to fit right into their roll.

I have seen a few horror comedy television series come and go, specifically my favorite Ash Vs. Evil Dead that was only given three seasons, but I have some hope for this one yet. The WWDITS series has been generating ideas for spin offs since the feature length film was released. Last year Jermaine started a series Wellington Paranormal – a spin off mockumentary show following the police we saw a bit of in the film. Season 2 will air this year!

So, the characters are new but the universe has a large audience! I think there is hope for this series yet!

Here’s another teaser for the show for one more laugh 

March 27th, 2019 Premier

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