Building Blocs

Continent 364 was a blaze with commerce, freedom, and chaos. Their government was littered with ignorance and greed, leaving their employers hungry and scorned. The people of 364 were tired of arguing with each other, one region wanted peace and freedom when the neighboring region was calling for war and industry. The air waves and screens were polluted with LoudMouths and Idealists that could never agree except on to disagree.

The continent was a bloody mess, soon to be literally. As the strength of technology grew throughout Continent 364, reason began to dissipate. Only two things conquered this world: Money and Ignorance.

The Corporation Heads were the first to come together to assist the government of Continent 364. The Heads had informed the public, they were going to make Continent 364 the best place for any living being to create an individual life. There was no reason for regional representatives to meet and gather any more, Corporation Heads began meetings at their court. They started to make decisions on behalf on the continent and its people; being the ruling class they knew what was truly the best interest of the continent.

As the remainder of order created by their government fell apart; Heads, Talkers, and Researchers worked together to create chaos among the people. Talkers who claimed to represent science painted scenes of destruction in every region; trees were to be disposed of as the sun would set them ablaze. The grass and farm land had to be sacrificed to start building future housing for the burst of the star soon to come.

Continent 364 was dived into strict separate manufacturing regions; each responsible for building a new home to be transplanted. The population stayed through the segregation, agreeing to be pushed out of their homes to the center of their region, defined by previous political party and work abilities. Children under 16 were granted to stay with their preferred parent if they had been separated. As each unit was organized and members moved out buildings were being demolished and pushed away to circle each region with miles of vacant, useless land.

Images by and Jonas Ferlin(buildings) from Pexels designed by TheWritingLady

Each region had their own Contractor who could organize them in their attempt to escape the outside threat. Only few questioned out loud how they would outrun the sun from the Moon or Mars, they were silenced quickly and often rumored to be a traitor from other continents. The majority of the population worked endlessly to their freedom, the rest slept peacefully at the top of Living Towers knowing they would soon be off the planet they had rightfully destroyed.

The effects could be seen after a year of manufacturing; the sky was always an angry orange, the air was thick and hard to breathe. Many regions were nearing the transportation stage of their stations- quiet intelligent engineers soon realized it would be impossible to fit the warehouse population in the amount of space that had been designed and built. The Contractor came to inspect these blocks regularly, sometimes with other tall men in suits- engineers grew disdain for these men who would climb aboard their work and spit on the floor while picking where they would first lay.

Disgust and outrage spread through lower living quarters quickly, affirming many of their suspicions- they were to be left behind. Each department agreed to continue working, but they would now start building their own home. Quietly they would take materials home to transform their current quarters to something sustainable, a home that would last past their false prophets and leaders.

Not all Blocs that remain standing in Continent 364 grew this way, others have stranger beginnings with horrendous endings.

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