A Hair Experiment: DIY Hair

When I get an idea to change my hair I cannot rest until I do so. My hair had been dark, mostly black, for quiet a while. I had changed my dark red hair to a deep black to be a more convincing Faith from Mirror’s Edge for Halloween 2018. Five months may not seem like a long time to have the same hair color, but for me I like variety and color! Black was simple, and always the same, as gorgeous as the long thick black locks were, I needed a change.

So what was the idea? A cool white/silver under layer with jet black top layer, creating a sexy Bruce Campbell look. The silver fox.

The Plan:
Lighten All Hair
Bleach Bottom hair layer and “sideburns”
Re-Dye Top Hair Black
Look Sweet

The Start

I have a lot of hair, so I started with two boxes of L’Oreal’s Color RemoverColorist Secrets. In my haste I missed a few notes on the instructions and the flat cap at the bottom of the box, the flat cap is a small clear plastic cap in the box use it for mixing! I had my two mixtures ready and my hair parted for treatment. It notes not to put it on any new grown hair, I was curious if it would help lighten my “sideburns” so I did just a light touch on each side.

By putting the color remover on my roots on the sides it bleached them effectively. My hair was a shade lighter but certain root areas were touched more than others on the sides leaving a patchy look. You have to be very precise with a product that has peroxide, as this one does, as it will absolutely bleach untreated hair. Also be sure to apply an equal amount to each area. If I were to do the entire process again I would take the considerable time to make even smaller separations of hair and strictly define root lines.

Now on to step two! Bleach the underneath and have a blonde under layer. Since I would only be doing half or less of my hair I only bought one box of L’Oreal Colorist All Over Bleach and figured it would do the trick. I separated the top layer of my hair buy pulling each layer up and clipping it with all ends clipped up. The bleach kit was a little harder to mix and get into but the picture on the box assured me it would be worth it. I saturated the darkest parts first, then the ends, then the roots you should do the length of your hair then let it sit for half and hour then treat the roots. As the strands dried out during treatment I saturated a little more hoping it would have a strong affect.

I would say that after the bleach treatment I did not see much a difference. Very disappointed. I think using the color remover from L’Oreal may have given stronger results. Instead of a blonde I am sporting a red orange. I have purchased a well reviewed bottle of Purple Shampoo and hope that will lighten up some spots and bring out the darker ones for another treatment later.

What Actually Happened:

Hair Color Remover Treatment All Over
Hair Bleach just underneath
**Minimal results**
Continue to work on lightening hair underneath with Purple Shampoo, blonding kits and perseverance

I am not ecstatic about my results, starting with very very dark and thick hair I did not expect perfection, but I did expect two treatments to make more of a significant difference. I have spent over $60 and five days on this hair project. It’s hard not to feel a bit defeated, but the compliments from coworkers definitely eases the agony.

I am not a licensed cosmetologist! I have been doing my own hair for ten years. I participate in the Amazon Affiliate program and may receive royalties  from purchases made through the links provided. I only provide links for products that I trust. 

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