Five Great Ways to Get Organized and Be Productive

Organizing is the ultimate Life Hack to achieve your goals and dreams

Do you want to stop dreaming and start doing? Do you wake up every day telling yourself “Today I will do what I said”, then have to reassure yourself in the evening you’ll “do it tomorrow”?
Tomorrow you wake up on time, you get out your planner or to-list, your write down your tasks for the day (color coded of course) and you work on completing your goals! THAT would be a great day right? That can be every day!
STOP dragging your feet through the cycle and use these five tips to an organized life to create habits and complete goals!

Procrastination and distractions step aside

1. Don’t Sleep In

If you want to be productive you have to stop sleeping in! Have a set time you want to wake up, every day, and stick to it. Of course, you should be budgeting your sleep appropriately; make your bedtime and wake up time a routine. Your daily life should have a set start time that you can plan within.
Vacations and special days can bring exceptions, but you should be waking up at a regular time! If you work evenings you can plan to wake up five or four hours before your shift and create a time to complete personal home tasks in a reasonable time.
Managing work, responsibilities, relationships, and chores is a juggling act, the core of it is creating the timefor yourself.

2. Get a Daily Planner/To Do Lists

If you don’t have a planner, task calendar, or checklist pads get one now! If you want to be organized and productive there is no better tool than physical organizers! If you are more screen inclined Trello is an awesome tool I’ve been using lately to track my tasks and goals on my phone- but you have to really create everything yourself within the cards.
Sticky notes, whiteboards, cork boards; these are all things that will make your life organized and your mind productive. Organizational tools like these are designed to help you list, track, and remember things you’ve accomplished and what you’re trying to accomplish!

3. Write Down Everything You Do and Want to Do

Now that you’ve got the tools it’s time to take it to paper. What are the tasks you would like to see done in the day? You’ve noticed a few things collecting dust, and dishes gathering in the kitchen, put those on your to-do list. You’ve wanted to read a book, play a game, watch a movie, those are a part of your daily health and life and shouldn’t be forgotten.
Did you do the laundry and it wasn’t on your list? Take credit for that and write it down! Writing down and noting your accomplishments boost your confidence like fuel to complete more tasks!

4. Color Code

This simple tip will organize your life instantly! When creating your goals use different colors to signal different deadlines or priorities. Once you create your own system of color (for example red for upcoming or urgent blue for tasks that are on going and take time), your mind will be able to easily recognize what you need to do next.
This is a pretty simple tip that will really aid in your attempt to create structure in your planners without a large effort. Sometimes writing is messy and things are forgotten; using different colors for separate ideas, goals, and deadlines will make any messy writing organized writing.

5. Create Achievable Goals

If you’re reading this it’s because you want to be productive. Good! We all should be setting goals and meeting them to continue our education and grow. But what are your goals? What is an achievable goal?
If you’ve looked these keywords up before you’ve probably seen the term S.M.A.R.T. Goal which is a fancy way of saying, A specific and attainable goal that is important to your life. A quick search gave me this PDF that has very useful information and is a wonderful tool for planning your goals and figuring out they’re importance and how you can attain them.


  • Plan each step to your goal
  • Put those into your planner
  • Organize goal deadlines
  • Plan at least 5 daily tasks to reach your goal
  • Check-off steps you’ve completed try for 2 or 3 a day

You Got This!

Stop Procrastinating! Putting off your plans makes for depression and laziness. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a complete checklist, knowing you’ve been productive is satisfying. Each day is an opportunity for you to do at least one thing that makes you happy, let’s figure that out and put it on the list!

My daily tasks include: Write 300 Words, Be Mindful, and Exercise. What are yours?

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