Ten Essential Rules for Customer Service Life

Are you feeling lost in you current Customer Service Position? Are angry customers/guests/clients making you question your outstanding abilities? Read these Rules/Reminders to help you get back on track.

Don’t Give Up!

Let’s do the first rule right now, Don’t Give Up! If you’re reading this you’re probably getting tired of strangers making little problems into big problems for you. You’re not sure if you want to go back and face another day of complaints; then you remember the smiles!
As a Customer Service Representative you are charged with the task to delight every sort of person that comes through your establishment. You can’t let those heart racing moments keep you from your duty, keep on smiling and move forward.
Don’t Give Up. Try Again!

Never Interrupt

Some times when handling a customer, guest, or client, you might think you know exactly what they are asking for or what they mean- But they haven’t finished talking, and you just stopped them and offended them. Of course you had good intentions, you assumed a need they did not have. We all know what happens when you ass-u-me.
It can be difficult when a customer has a complaint and they begin to raise their voice, they’re are agitated and you are tired of it. You politely try to interject during their complaint and try to start to solve the problem. Again, you have good intentions, but this can lead to further disaster. Above all things, people who are upset, confused, and spending money want to be heard.

Take Space

If you are in the middle of a loud complaint and need help, go get it! Once the complainer has finished apologize tell them you will get someone to help them, and take space.
Hopefully there is a superior you can track down to come help. If you’re eager stay with them to see how they handle the complaint; but if you’re flushed take space. Find a spot where you can take a breathe, even if it’s a minute in the bathroom.
If you don’t have a superior maybe you have an office or back room you can retreat to, take a breath. If you have a friend or manager to call to help clear your head and talk out the problem without the pressure of the angry customer.

Don’t Give Away Secrets

Honesty is a wonderful quality, but being too honest can bite every one in the butt. You may think that if you explain the reasoning or a policy to a complaining customer that they will understand. Unfortunately by giving out secrets to them you are making them even more concerned about your business and credibility. If you ever think “I probably shouldn’t tell them this..” DON’T Please don’t!
Save yourself and limit your information to the essentials for customers to understand how you will solve their problem, not how your policies caused their problem.

Be Genuine and Make Connections

Don’t be fake, some time you have to fake a smile, but don’t hide yourself. Your personality is the greatest tool in customer service. You can make a genuine connection with a customer in under a minute by being yourself and engaging with them. Spark a conversation beyond the weather, maybe they’re wearing something interesting, or maybe you have a short sweet story to tell! Put yourself out there.

A great example of a genuine Customer Service Associate is a very friendly front desk agent at a local hotel. When she sees women who are quiet, who are dressed up, who are older, she makes sure to look them in the eyes and tell them how beautiful they are. Politely complimenting other people on things you notice about them will brighten their day and make them feel special. Those people definitely remember her and her kindness. .

Solve Problems

You should never leave a customer hanging, wondering what is happening with their complaint. If you engage with someone and they have a complaint or issue it has become your responsibility to solve it or find someone who can. If you know that you are not able to fix something for a customer be sure to seek out the proper person who can!
Communicate with the customer/guest/client about the process of their problem. Tell them how it will be solved and more importantly when.

Make Friends

Having comrades in the workplace can be very beneficial. Your team is your support; they are the ones you can vent to about those silly complaints or seek advice on how to handle difficult complaints. Be friendly with your cohorts and work with them as a team. If you maintain a healthy workplace, when things get busy or bad you will all be there for each other and be able to get through.

Leave The Stress At Work

There is nothing you can do about the messed up order from last night, the customer was upset and demanded a refund, which you did, but they still left a bad taste in your mouth. You chew on there words for a few more hours until you go home, and continue to think about it. Don’t let mistakes follow you home.
It can be upsetting when anything at work goes the wrong way, or you feel alienated by others in the workplace. The only way to recover is to leave it at work.You can think about your mistakes and work on improvement, but you’re off duty when you hit the couch!

Focus On The Positive

A pretty simple reminder that we all need in the Customer Service Industry. When those complaints or problems roll in one after another it can really get you down. Of course, you didn’t cause these complaints but to be hearing negativity consistently can be a bummer and affect your work day. When that happens try to recall the good things that happened that day, week. or month. Remember how “awesome” it was when “you did that thing for that guy” or “that person said you were the best”.
Boost yourself and your team with positive reminders and it will help you call get through the day.

You Got This / Friendly Reminder

Work life can be difficult. Every one has their own problems and issues they might take out on anyone. Complaints are not against you, some times customers, guests, clients aren’t even upset with service or product but they are frustrated with themselves. In fact, the worst insults are thrown at Customer Service Representatives when the person saying them is having personal issues. Remember the cliche, “It’s not you, it’s me.”
It’s them, not you.

If you have any specific questions about how to handle complaints and would like advice on honing your Customer Service Skills please reach out and we can work together!

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