Best Practices for A Sick Holiday: Ask The Lady

This week I got a great question, “What should you do when you get sick on holiday?” There are a few things I would recommend as a traveler to do if you find yourself sick when you’re on holiday. DISCLAIMER- Dammit Jim I’m a travel planner not a doctor!

Illness doesn’t wait for a convenient time to attack you. It often comes at the worst time possible – like when you’ve just gotten to your hotel over 200 miles away from your doctor and you notice an ailment.
There are a variety of things that could go wrong with your body; these tips are geared toward symptoms of cold/flu or minor injuries like a sprain.

Wait A Day

If you have achy symptoms, and nothing severe, a mild headache. I would highly suggest you give it time; wait a day and see how you feel.
If you suffer a minor injury asses it before calling emergency or going home. It may just need time to heal and a bandage; hopefully the next day you’ll be ready to go!

Eat Good Food

Yes you are on holiday, vacation, and you are enjoying yourself; but if you start to feel ill you have to take care of your body not your wants. Avoid alcohol, high sugars and high fats.
Eat natural food to keep your body loaded with vitamins and protein so your body can health itself.

Rest Up

Don’t go on the hike you planned on the day you start to feel sick or gain an injury. A little obvious, but easy to forget; Get your full sleep and rest your body! Stay in the hotel and play board, card, or puzzle games with your family or travel partner.

Google Symptoms

If you are concerned about your symptoms, or not familiar with the ailments; use resources like WebMD to pin point the virus or illness you likely have.
From there you can find even further advice to soothing symptoms and when to seek medical help.

Take Care of Yourself!

Getting sick on holiday/vacation is never fun, it can even be scary when you’re far from home and your insurance provider.
Remember these tips next time you get that holiday ill, give it a day and don’t stress out! Eat well, get some rest, and double check your symptoms. Once you know what you’re dealing with you can be confident you will get over it and still have a great vacation!

What terrible thing has happened to you that has disrupted your vacation? Be sure to leave a comment or send a message with any other tips for beating illness on holiday!

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