The Ultimate Cord Cutter Watch Guide 100+ Titles to Watch

Stuck looking for the next thing to watch?
Are you watching The Office for the 200th time?
Stop re-watching and make the most out of your services with these great titles you had no idea were waiting for you!

There are TONS of ways to get entertainment after you kick cable to the curb. For this watch guide we are listing watchable content for Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu as they are the most popular and well known basic ways to replace your cable provider!
Some titles are available through multiple or all popular providers

Amazon Prime

ComedyGood Omens
The Marvelous Ms. Maisel
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy(1981)
Alpha House
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dead Like Me
The Tick(2001 and 2017 series’)
Eastbound and Down
Hoarding: Buried Alive
Grand Tour
I Shouldn’t Be Alive
American Pickers
Kitchen Nightmares
My Strange Addiction
Pawn Stars
America’s Next Top Model
Docuseries Lorena
This Giant Beast that is the Global Economy
A Very English Scandal
Great Greek Myths
Band of Brothers
The Making of the Mob
Unsolved Mysteries
Eat: The Story of Food
Drama/Crime The X-Files
Sneaky Pete
ABC Murders by Agatha Christie
House M.D.
In The Flesh
Being Human
Six Feet Under


Difficult People
A.P. Bio
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Rick and Morty
The Thick of It
RealityMaking It
My 600 lb. Life
Hell’s Kitchen
Cutthroat Kitchen
Catfish: The TV Show
Behind The Mask
Docuseries The Act
Drunk History
Cults and Extreme Belief
The Weekly
How It’s Made
Job’s Unlisted
Truth and Lies
American Greed
Drama/Crime Firefly
12 Monkeys
Burn Notice
Killing Eve
Lie to Me
American Horror Story


ComedyDocumentary Now!
The IT Crowd
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Ash Vs. Evil Dead
Toast of London
Bo Jack Horseman
Parks and Recreation
The Characters
RealityNailed It!
The Great British Bake Off
Adam Ruins Everything
Impractical Jokers
White Rabbit Project
Tidying Up
Dating Around
Skin Wars
Doomsday Preppers
Docuseries Wild Wild Country
American Crime Story
Planet Earth
The Staircase
The Toys That Made Us
Evil Genius
The Nineties
Drama/Crime Maniac
After Life
The Umbrella Academy
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Orange is the New Black
Criminal Minds
Dead Set

Is your favorite show on this list? Have you already seen most of these or knew they were on? Let us know and we will update the list with fresh and unknown-unwatched titles!

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