Cord Cutting 101

Stop paying for things you don’t need. Cable TV is a thing of the past. The best content is on streaming, and adverts are limited.
Follow this guide to become a cord cutter – today.

According to Forbes, an annual PwC study has shown only two-thirds of Americans have “traditional” cable TV. A growing number of audiences are fleeing the shackles of cable television by streaming their content instead.
Streaming content is so easy and convenient; it has obliterated the video market. Earlier this year Samsung announced it was no longer going to produce Blu-Ray players due to the utter lack of sales. Audiences are choosing the ease of streaming over paying obscene amounts of money for physical copies.
The transformation of home video is just the beginning of a new entertainment era. We have learned we can find rare and interesting content with our streaming devices- We can replace our cable with it too!

The New Cable Box

Every month you get a bill from your cable provider, full of charges for services(like recording), your internet, and your cable box. You’re paying way too much money for minor control of your content!
All television sets now have HDMI ports, this is your portal to steaming. You can open that portal with Fire Stick, which starts $30 for Prime members ($40 for 4K streaming),a Roku Stick starting at just $25, or a Fire Cube(offers 4K and hands-free) for $120.
The Fire products are fast, responsive, and easy to use. The Roku is a little clunky and slow at times to navigate, but works all the same!
If you have a smart TV you are ready to throw out that cable box today! A smart TV has a connection to the internet, an operating system, and an interface to navigate between apps. Amazon offers a TCL Brand of smart TV that has the Roku interface starting lower than $120.
Why I don’t recommend chromecast or AirPlay These apps and devices that use mirroring or casting make you use another device to stream content. You must have a compatible phone or tablet that can be set just for streaming to your screen.
If you have multiple devices that are compatible with chromecast that can be left to stream it would be a good temporary substitute. If you’re looking to keep things simple- and saving your bandwidth- a Fire Stick or Roku will turn your TV into a smart one instantly.

Amazon Prime

There are over 100 million Amazon Prime members in the United States alone – at least 50% of them have no idea they can watch thousands of movies and episodes for free!
You can replace your cable with Prime, there really is no reason to have both! Amazon has produced quality, award-wining series that have surpassed audiences standards. Childhood and HBO favorites are free to stream now!
Not only do you have a gold mine of classic content; Amazon Prime members also have access to sports streaming live events major and minor games are available.
If you aren’t one of the millions with Amazon Prime already you can start with a free month and decide if the content and shipping, Whole Foods, and other discounts are worth $120/ year ($10/month). You can also subscribe monthly for $13.


If you live to stay current Hulu is for you; update to date with a variety of popular programs from the major broadcasting networks. Starting at just $6/month Hulu is one of the cheapest options because it is ad supported. You can upgrade to ad free for $12/month.
If you are really in need of content and watch a lot of your cable but tired of not getting what you want, Hulu + Live TV for $45/month really is the ultimate replacement including sports, news, and channel favorites.
Replacing your cable with Hulu will free you of you cable box and it’s rent, but likely won’t be saving you much more than that.
Standard Hulu offers thousands of titles, has produced award winning content, and has the most popular new episodes.

Channel Subscriptions

Major networks have gotten wise to audience trends and have created streaming platforms for their content! If you only watch one or two channels regularly and with passion, you can subscribe direct and download it’s app.
Do you only watch HBO? Are you wondering what every one is talking about; Chernobyl and other pop culture hits? You can subscribe exclusively to premium channels! HBO, Starz, Showtime and other premium cable networks have applications and channels that can be easily added to you TV, Amazon Fire/Prime Channels, Roku TV, or even Hulu!
These channels add up fast so don’t go subscribing to them all at once. Consider what you watch now, and what you want to watch. Manage your subscriptions.

Quality “Free” Channels

These three free channels are a must have for any cord cutter.
IMDb Freedive is an Amazon channel that is also available on Roku and direct from website. Launched earlier this year IMDb Freedive is loaded with awesome shows and classic movies. All for the low low cost of advertising.
Tubi is available online, Amazon Fire app, and Roku channel with some smart TV compatibility. The selection on Tubi is minor, but worth using in place of paid subscriptions for busy months! There is some cross over for Prime Members; find movies you forgot to watch.
PlutoTV Roku Channel, Amazon Fire Samsung Smart TVs and more on the way! Hundreds of cult classic titles and rare finds on PlutoTV.
You can replace your $50+ cable subscription with free channels! It really is that easy.


Large houses may need a stronger router – If you have internet with a data cap and have multiple avid watchers. Get comfortable with understanding your internet bill and look for ways to up your speed and lower your bill!
Each video you stream costs data, you probably already have Netflix which has a special deal with most internet providers so that it doesn’t take too much data.
If you do any large downloads or many downloads in a short period of time you will want to check your usage! Your internet data is your only cable bill now!

Grab Those Scissors

Stop wasting money on premium channels and large packages that you hardly watch. Why are you paying to watch commercials when there are streaming services begging for you to watch their ads now!
Choose what to watch, when to watch, and how to watch it- Cut that cord!

There are affiliate products links for your convenience in comparing products. I may earn a minor percentage of purchases made through those links.

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