Cord Cutting 110

Now that you’ve cut the cord you need to master you content! How do you find quality content without a headache? Tools to optimize your content and keep cost minimal.

Tired of flipping through content? Lists only giving you the same suggestions?
Use these hacks to create your own watchlist- that you’ll actually watch!

Find Content

The number one problem for cord cutters is finding content. Much like we switched through the guide now we click through title cards, the same ones over and over again!
We will never get to see all of the content available to us on our streaming apps. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu all show you curated content- suggestions based off of what you watch, what they want you to watch, and what others are watching.
The best way to find your content is by going to your desktop; use your web browser directly to search through titles. It is incredible what the website will show you versus the capability of your apps.
Don’t rely on your app to find new titles! It is a simple process:
1. Go to your preferred provider’s website on your browser
2. Go to “Browse” and pick your genre
3. Just a few clicks and scrolls
4. Add interesting titles to your watch listz

Once you are able to build strong watch lists that align with with your tastes your services will have an easier time suggesting content you actually want to watch!

Manage Channels

You have so many options for streaming content; including individualized channels! Most notably all of our favorite premium networks are available to steam from directly! We go over the basics in Cord Cutting 101 about premium channels.
HBO Now $15/a month
Starz $9/a month
Showtime $11/a month ($9/month as Amazon channel)
On top of the popular premium channels; Amazon offers a large variety of separate channel subscriptions that range from $3/a month to $15/a month to gain access to another world of content. Their channels are searchable by genre and include the latest popular shows.
Shopping these channels is essential, thankfully Amazon Prime makes it so simple to do a free trial for any of it’s channels. Sign up for a channel and surf it’s content, if you like most of the titles add some stuff to your watch list and enjoy the new stuff!
Prime showcases your channels you subscribe to when you browse in your app. Be mindful of when you stop watching a channel, if you haven’t found anything new to watch on one of your subscriptions you should cancel it.
The best part of channels, you pay month per month and can cancel anytime!

Live TV

If you’re looking for a lot of channels and like a large variety of content, there are plenty of channel bundles to sub-out your previous cable providers. Sling TV, PS Vue, and FuboTV are all package services that offer a set collection of channels for various prices starting at $25 ranging to over $100.
PS Vue has access to a lot of content including games and movies, possibly a good option if your PlayStation is your console for content but still carries a large price tag.
The issue with these types of packages is they are giving you one thing: Live TV. Live TV is uncontrollable. Our goal is control our content so subscribing to a Live TV provider isn’t the best option here.
Hulu + Live TV is my recommendation for those looking to get access to over 60 basic cable channels, sports, news, and all of Hulu for just $45/month. Commercials are annoying, and Hulu knows it, that’s why they include a “DVR” add-on so you can record Live TV programs and skip the commercials later!
You can also add those premium channels to Hulu + Live at their base monthly rate to keep your content all in one place! Add even more channels with their add-ons; but I caution take it slow, enjoy, and explore your content before piling on the subscriptions.

Your browser is your best friend for content! Easily build you watchlists, weed out unwelcomed suggestions and make your services work for you! Explore channel options and create your own bundles! Remember: Cancel Channels you stop watching!

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