Current Events for Cord Cutters

Staying current and keeping up with news can be a daunting task for cord cutters; learn how to stay informed without adding to your bill.

Stay Current

Free streaming news is only a google away, it really is very simple to stay informed as a cord cutter when you utilize your computer and web browsers. Your computer is a gateway to information and your ultimate tool to staying informed- Be sure to read a variety of sources and confirm information. You can find a diverse selection of apps, add-ons and channels that also offer free news on your streaming device.

Your streaming services have their own news programs as well that are essential to understanding the world we live in.

On Your Computer Your Town + Local News” Google search will provide local news websites
CNN channel available on Hulu + Live TV
CBS news reports and specials on CBS All Access
ABC app available on most platforms
NetflixPatriot Act with Hasan Minhaj Netflix’s take on Daily Show
HuluThe Weekly A weekly expose on stories that go unreported

BONUS: Catching Up

Documentaries and docu-series are easy ways to learn about current and past events. Documentaries highlight social issues, discuss international conflict, and enlighten us.

HuluAbandoned VICE series uncovering abandoned ruins
NetflixWild, Wild, Country an important look at cult and society
Amazon Prime Frontline PBS investigative series 2018 available

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