Why We Need Television

Why are shows and movies so important to the modern adult? Why does finding quality content matter, and what does it mean to its audience?

It’s amazing the affect a popular series or movie can have on a culture. As more people start talking about it, the more people start watching. It may be too soon to reference Game of Thrones but the affect it had around the world was shocking.
An uproar from the “internet”, thousands of tweets praising and damning the show. Beyond memes, posts, and podcasts alike, Game of Thrones sparked conversations between strangers. It allowed people to ignore the political climate and talk about entertainment instead.

The television has many purposes for the modern adult; TV isn’t just a distraction, it brings us closer together.


The most dangerous gift of television is distraction. After a long day of work in a world full of chaos, entertainment offers an easy way to escape from it all.
The joy of laughter is a sweet relief from the every day burdens we all carry. Depending on your level of home responsibility you have to be careful how distracted you get; it is better than being distracted on your phone.
When you watch a drama or crime series your mind gets wrapped up in the story. You spend time thinking about the next episode instead of that mean thing someone said you, or a mistake you made that you can only move on from.
Life is hard, we encounter a variety of people and a variety of threats. The series and movies we watch offer an escape from our dangerous worries.

Education / Enlightenment

Your television offers many different options to educate yourself. There are varieties of documentaries that cover conspiracies, cults, crimes, and other topics available to watch on every streaming service. While these offer new perspectives, ideas, and often useful interesting knowledge; it’s not the only way your TV can educate you.
There are shows and movies that expose familiar situations and relationships that can change the way you look at things. Having a place to see the behaviors that cause upset and habits that destroy relationships is the greatest knowledge media can give.
These shows that dramatize true crime events, highlight human behavior, and offer new perspectives allow the modern adult to stay enlightened and educated.


The greatest gift television has given our society is discussion. We connect with each other over the things we watch. It is so easy to jump in a conversation at a party when you hear people discussing your favorite show. It’s an easy first connection to make.
When trying to meet new people we love to ask and find commonalities. Television and movies are, and always have been, the easiest way for people to connect. If someone likes you’re favorite show and enjoys similar entertainment it’s an indicator they might have a similar way of thinking.
Having a show you sit and watch with your partner or family creates a bond over that series. Sharing thoughts on the characters, plot, and development sparks long conversations between people maybe you don’t talk to as much as you should.

BONUS: Ten Shows for Distraction and Discussion

  • Aggretsuko Netflix
  • Chernobyl HBO
  • Dear White People Netflix
  • Documentary Now! Netflix
  • Good Omens Amazon Prime
  • Lorena Amazon Prime
  • On My Block Netflix
  • Shrill Hulu
  • The Weekly Hulu
  • Westworld HBO

How many friends have you made over tv? What shows or movies have made you think about the world around you? What is your favorite show to be distracted by?

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