Cord Cutting 112: Manage Premium Channels

How to better manage your channel subscriptions. Stay current, stay frugal, stay entertained!

Be sure to check out Cord Cutting 101 and 110 to master your TV.

Amazon Channels

Is your strongest tool for premium channels. Here’s why you should be using Amazon Channel Subscriptions:

  • Variety of channels
    • HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax
    • PBS, Britbox, CBS, Comedy Central, NickHits
  • All subscriptions listed on one screen
    • Quick cancel and resubscribe
  • All channels in one app
  • No spam emails from subscriptions!

Cycle Your Subscriptions

A lot of premium channels don’t frequently add content. Once you catch up to a series and watch the movies you’re interested in it’s time to cancel the channel. After canceling a channel you’re free to subscribe to a new one to binge their content, and unsubscribe again!
Tips to Remember:

  • Cancel a channel after not watching it for a week
  • Have minimal subscriptions – two at most if keeping up with series
  • Mark when shows return or new shows premier to resubscribe

Still not sure about cutting the cord? It’s simpler than it sounds! You can have all the content you want and never dread the bill!

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