Self Care and You: The First Step to Living a Happy Life

Why is everyone talking about self-care? What does it mean and how can it better your life?

There is plenty of sponsored content to shower you with advice about self-care. Here you’ll find an honest, every day look at what self-care really is and, how to find your own routines and tasks to relieve stress and live a happier life!

What is Self-Care

Self-Care is widely described as the action of taking care of ones mental and physical health.
Raphailia Michael, MA offers a great introduction to self-care in her article “What Self-Care Is- and What It Isn’t” published on PyschCentral. She outlines how self-care is an intentional action that is meant to improve your mental, physical, or emotional state. Self-care is the “key to a good relationship with oneself and others”; just like that old saying, you can’t love someone else until you love yourself!

So, we get what it is meant to do, but what is self-care?

Every morning you wake up and take care of your body: drink water, brush teeth, use bathroom/shower. When you’re practicing self-care you also add nutrition to your body(eat breakfast) because you know you need it. You take certain actions and do specifics tasks that you know release stress, lightens your mood, and keeps your body healthy.

What Is Your Self-Care

What can YOU do for your self. What replenishes your energy?
There are tons of books, lists, apps, and other consumer items that claim to have the secret to self-care. The true self-care secret is only you know what activities and actions make you happy, fulfilled, and relaxed.
Dr. Maria Baratta gives us a wonderful place to start in her article Self Care 101 seen on Psychology Today. I found all of her suggestions very helpful in building my self-care plan.
Her first tip is the one I want to highlight most, “know your limits.” Don’t load too much on yourself and know how many tasks are too many! It’s okay to not do everything on your list, as long as you are taking care of the basics and yourself!

Everyone’s self care is different but there is one common rule: Do Not Over Indulge

It’s great when you find things you love to do – or eat! But it is important to keep destructive/harmful choices to a minimum. Maybe you love milkshakes or really greasy food, while that may be a good option for comfort once a month it’s not something you want to do every day!

My favorite things to do to de-stress are: coloring, video games, writing and cooking! I established a daily routine of completing tasks that must be done with a mix of my self care tasks!

Continue your journey by building your ideal self care routine!

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