How To Build Your Self Care Routine

Your step by step guide to starting your self-care journey with little or no resources. Read an easy introduction to self-care here.

Open your notepad, get out your journal, and let’s start building a happier you!

Identify Your Stressors

  • What stresses you out the most?
    • Examples: work, relationships, home buying
  • How do you cause your own stress?
    • Examples: negative self talk, too far thinking, & paranoia

List Your Current Routine

  • Wake Up Time
  • First Thing You Do When You Wake Up
  • Include Current Personal Hygiene be honest with yourself!
  • Continue With Rest of Your Regular Activities you can do two different lists for days you work and days you don’t

Identify Your Destressors

  • What activities do you already do that relieve stress?
  • What things do you enjoy doing that you don’t do now?
  • Try doing simple things for yourself like washing your face, taking a bath, or indulging in rest.
  • Think of things you put off doing (chores/goals) that make you feel better once they are done

Identify Personal Care and Goals

  • How can you better take care of your body?
    • Examples: eat breakfast, healthier foods, exercise
  • How can you improve your home life?
    • Examples: organization, regular cleaning, bill management
  • What goals do you have for yourself?
    • Examples: grow in your career, strengthen relationships, personal projects

Building Your Self Care Routine

  1. Start with your current routine
  2. Add times if applicable, but leave room for flexibility
  3. Go through each task you perform, and want to perform each day
  4. Add in your destressors!
  5. Take note of when you want to take breaks
    • Example: after breakfast, watch show with significant other
  6. Remember to keep it manageable and not to put too much pressure on yourself to complete so many tasks
  7. Add little tasks that add to your goals to overtime

Here’s how my first draft turned out! What’s yours look like?

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