How to Say No to Work: Deny Your Inner Workaholic

You are working too hard too often! You know you’re a workaholic but how do you stop your addiction? Listen up for some advice on why and how to say no to work.

As a workaholic it’s hard to say no to work, especially if you love what you do, yet there are times that you need to say no to work.

Why It’s Important to Limit Work

  1. Your Work Quality
    • Working too much can damper your focus
    • An apathetic and uncaring attitude can come from too much work
  2. Your Mental Health
    • Putting yourself in constant strain is not healthy
    • You must have time for your self-care
  3. Your Relationships
    • Overworking is choosing work over your loved ones
    • Your social life does not exist if you are working every day

How To Turn Down New Projects

If you’re a hard worker people around you tend to depend on you. How can you turn down projects

  1. Define your work load
    • Recognize the tasks you must do regularly
    • Be realistic about what you can complete
  2. Share your limit with your requester
    • Be honest about your work limit and the tasks you must complete
    • They will understand that you can’t take on something new before finishing your previous obligations

Never Work Off the Clock

  1. No working at home
    • Unless you work from home you
    • Limit any home projects
    • Do not trade time in the office for time on your computer at home
  2. Take your break
    • Step away from the computer, office, desk, or phone
    • Don’t read work emails while on break
    • Never work on your break!

DIT: Do It Tomorrow

You have a project that you’re working on, a flier or document, or some other kind of project. If it does not have to be done today and it’s time for you to go home, don’t stay for hours to finish!
Remember you can always do it tomorrow!

Anything you find to do at the end of the day, can be done tomorrow!


You’re strongest tool is your team! Your co-workers are your greatest asset. If you have things you want to see done but can’t do alone, delegate other parts of the projects to your peers!
Even if you are not a “boss” you can still ask your peers for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for a hand in order to complete projects and not over work!

It’s great that you love work but don’t over do it! Remember these work hacks and love yourself!

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