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What to Watch?

Content floods the internet, posing problems and offering minor solutions hidden in word counts and advertisements. We all have solutions we’re searching for, my daily problem is often what to watch. Searching through streaming services can be tiresome, but finding time worthy content is a skill I’ve perfected through trial and error.
Learning how to manage your entertainment efficiently is the first easy step to a healthy work-life balance! Stop wasting your time searching and skimming and learn your genre with my help!

How to Balance Work-Life?

In the industries customer service home life can become mundane, boring, and unsatisfying. A changing schedule, complaints, hostile work environments, and many other things create stress can be managed.
If you feel lost in cycle of work you are not alone! But how do you manage your time effectively to do anything else with a changing schedule? You create your own schedule! Ideas and dreams can seem unreachable but, with organization and time management anything can be done.
In order to have a successful, happy, team you have to communicate! If you don’t use email within your team you should always be sure to talk about your work with your peers and supervisor. Having conversations about your concerns will help make your environment better!
When dealing with angry customers, it takes time to master service but the first step to to always listen and hear complaints before trying to solve them! Customer Service isn’t an easy role to take on. Always remember to have empathy, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and take on their feelings.

TWL Specializes in

  • Entertainment
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service

The Writing Lady‘s purpose is to solve many problems we have in life! With research, anaysis, and organization we can create solutions.

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